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To All of our Gettysburg College Community,

As Actives and Alumni, of the Pennsylvania Delta Chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, it is necessary that we address the recent incident that occurred at Oklahoma University involving members of that chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.  We have been horrified and outraged that anyone, least of all persons affiliated with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon organization, would act in the manner in which the persons acted a few days ago. We want to assure the entire Gettysburg College community that such actions are not condoned by our Pennsylvania Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon or by the National Organization.

We are compelled to express our sincerest feelings because we know that here, at Gettysburg College, we are part of a much larger community than what the four walls of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon  House at 41 West Lincoln represent.  We consider ourselves, as actives and alumni, to be the ambassadors of what we all at Gettysburg stand for as we enter and influence the larger world community.  This is why we find the actions of those young men to be completely reprehensible and inexcusable.  Their actions offend human sensibilities at the most basic level. 
Their actions are not indicative of any Greek society organization and certainly are not indicative of our Chapter or any of us individually.

In that we are a Regional Chapter of a larger national organization we cannot speak directly for our National Office or for any other chapters.  We can represent to you, from the entire experience of our existing actives and alumni that our National has never condoned nor tolerated any racially insensitive rhetoric or activity.  In fact, the national pledge education materials, that are part of all chapter education programs, specifically address insensitivity and awareness training and condemn all discriminatory and defamatory actions and views.  We have always sought young men for membership in Pennsylvania Delta without prejudice of any kind.  We never have and never will accept insensitivity or bias within the Brotherhood of the Pennsylvania Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

While we cannot apologize for the actions of young men who by their actions have clearly demonstrated that they would never be Brothers in our Chapter, we do sympathize with any person who has been harmed or offended by their ignorant and insensitive remarks and behavior.  Given the completely intolerable actions of these few, we are glad that this came to light.  If this type of belief and behavior still exists, anywhere, none of us should rest until these malicious and misogynous conceptions are completely eradicated.

We consider our chapter to be a vital and beneficial part of the Gettysburg College Community and will continue to work to further and promote the College initiatives that address these issues within our membership and with all of our collegiate family.


The Active and Alumni Brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon